Delirious Rambling

Delirious Rambling


My name is Meagan (Also known to some as Bytesize) a 24 year old life enthusiast! I live in Cincinnati with my boyfriend Paul & our puppies Baloo & Lux and our kitties BearBear & Turk. I spend my time hula hooping, thifting, working on my moped, taking pictures, Going to festivals/burns and becoming a better person. I collect VHS tapes and occasionally post my work doodles. This is my blog to rant rave and share what inspires me.♥

Personal Post

This is photo of me! With a beer! AWESOME RIGHT?

Well it IS awesome because this beer is going to be the last one I have for 30 days.

I’ve decided not to drink for 30 days until I get my medication controlled and my life in order.

Plus there is a cute sailor in Charleston I need to save money to move and be with.

This is going to be hard for me, I am a party girl. I don’t post about it much on here but I drink basically everyday.

YAY HEALTHY CHANGES! Wish me luck guys. This shit is going to suck.

  1. oldatticghost said: What medication are you on if I may ask?
  2. pizzaslutcatmaster said: you can do itttttt :D
  3. roadtoadulthood said: Best of luck! :)
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